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Download Information

Is there anything I should do before I download?
For best download performance and to protect the integrity of the downloaded file, please disable or suspend any of the following before you download:
  • Firewall – A firewall can prevent you from downloading a file.
  • Anti-Virus Programs – Anti-virus programs scan downloaded files and can stop a download. As a result, the file may not download or can become corrupted or damaged.
  • Download Monitors – Programs such as GoZilla!™ and NetZip are not compatible with our server and can stop a download.
  • Screen Saver – Screen savers have been known to interfere with a download or affect system performance during a download. We recommend you disable your screen saver before you download.

If you need more assistance disabling one of the products listed above, please contact the manufacturer's technical support.

How do I download my purchase?
You can download by either clicking the Download button on the Order Details page or by right-clicking/ctrl-clicking on the Download button and clicking Download linked file as in Safari; or Save Link As in Mozilla® Firefox®. Do not rename the download file as this can cause installation problems.

Where should I save the download file?
You can save the download file anywhere you like but you should make sure to remember that location or the name of the downloaded file. Most people find it easiest to save their download file on their Desktop.

What will happen when I download?
Once the download starts, you will see a pop-up with a status bar and a percentage that will climb to 100%.

What should I do after I download?
When the download finishes, you should go to the location where you saved the file and double-click on it to begin installation.

If you have more questions or need help with your download, please contact Microsoft Online ESD Support using the information below.

Click here to contact customer service.

How do I get my product key?
If your product requires a product key, you can usually find it in the Order Confirmation email that was sent to you when you submitted the order. If you do not have your Order Confirmation email, you can get your product key by looking up your order.
Is downloading the same as installing?
No. A download is a simple file transfer. An install is the unpacking and loading of the software on your computer. Most software will walk you through the install process after you download.

For assistance with the installation, use, or uninstallation of your Office for Mac 2011 software, please refer to Office for Mac 2011 online support page. Phone support is also available at

What if the download stops before it completes?
If your download stops or is interrupted before it completes, simply click the Begin Download button again and the download should resume where it left off. If you need to get to the download page click here to look up your order.

The Begin Download button is located in the following locations:

  • The Thank You page that appears when you purchased the product.
  • The Quick Order Look Up link in your confirmation e-mail.
I finished downloading my purchase. Where was the file saved?
The file was saved in the default "Save As" location specified by your browser, or the location you selected in the "Save As" window that appeared when the download began. If you know the name of the download file, you can search for the file on your computer.
How can I re-download software that I have already purchased?
To download software you have already purchased, you will need to look up your order and click the Begin Download button.
I want to re-download my purchase, but the Download button is gone.
There are a couple reasons why you wouldn't see a button (where there previously was one) to download your purchase. If the order is older than 30 days and you did not purchase the Extended Download Service (EDS) for your order, then the download period has expired. Please click here to look up your order and purchase EDS for your product.

If you purchased EDS but are still unable to download, make sure the order is not more than three (3) years old. EDS downloads are limited to three (3) years after the initial product purchase.

How do I get a physical version of my downloaded product?

If you want to purchase a BackUp DVD for the downloaded products in a completed order, you must look up your order and complete an additional purchase.

Privacy and Security

What is your Privacy Policy?
Click here to view the Digital River privacy policy.

Click here to view the Microsoft online privacy policy.

What is the Digital River Secure & Virus Free Guarantee?
We guarantee your shopping safety. You can shop with confidence knowing that you are totally protected when you order through any Digital River network member.

Digital River Guarantees:

  • You pay nothing if any unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping with us.
  • Every software download is 100% virus free.
  • All information that you provide while shopping is encrypted so no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner.

So, you can rest assured when shopping with us because the Digital River Secure & Virus Free Guarantee provides the ultimate in shopping protection and peace of mind!

Guarantee Details:

  1. Credit Card Protection

    Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. If your bank holds you liable for any of this $50.00, Digital River will cover your entire liability, up to the full $50.00. Digital River will cover this liability only if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made through a Digital River network member while using the Digital River secure server. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with their reporting rules and procedures.

  2. Virus Protection

    In the unlikely event your software downloaded from a Digital River network member contains a virus, Digital River agrees to either replace the affected software or refund the purchase price plus any shipping costs associated with the affected software. Digital River's liability is limited to the replacement or refund of only the virus-infected software downloaded from a Digital River network member. Digital River will cover this liability only if the virus resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made through a Digital River network member while using the Digital River secure server. Digital River does not assume liability for any costs associated with repairing or replacing any computer components, hardware, additional software, computer files, or any other costs associated with repairing, replacing, or removing virus-infected files from your computer.

  3. Data Encryption

    Because we accept sensitive information from shoppers (name, mailing address, credit card number, and so on) Digital River uses VeriSign® Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect personal shopper information. This logic encrypts data being sent and received using high-level encryption technology. This technology assigns undetectable codes to data transmissions that only our server and shoppers can validate. This ensures that no external party can view the data.

Why do I need to set my browser to accept cookies?
The Microsoft Office for Mac Store by Digital River requires cookies to be enabled on your browser. We use cookies to track products in your shopping cart, as well as discounts and other attributes of your order. The cookie identifies your cart contents (products, discounts, etc.) or order information (billing and personal information is not saved in the cookie). Each time you make a purchase on the site, the cookie is used to speed up the checkout process and enhance your shopping experience.
Are cookies a security risk?
No. The Microsoft Office for Mac Store by Digital River encrypts all cookies. Also, the cookie contains no personal information, just a unique identifier for our system to recognize your browser.
How do I set up my browser to accept cookies?
If you are using Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or higher, on the Tools menu, click Options. Click the Privacy tab and select Accept cookies from sites.

If you are using Safari® 3.1.2 or higher, on the Edit menu, click Preferences. Then click the Security menu option. At the Accept Cookies section, select the radial button for Always. Then click the Close button in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Product And Product Activation

How do I get additional product and activation information?

For product information and product activation information please click here

Additional Questions

Who operates the Microsoft Office for Mac Store?
The Microsoft Office for Mac Online Store is operated on behalf of Microsoft by Digital River Inc.

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